Monday, April 28, 2014

Mad Men Season 7, Episode 3, “Field Trip”

It seems as though Don has indeed learned some lessons from his previous behavior. After the success Don had reconnecting with Sally last week once he simply told her the truth about what was happening in his life, he gives truth-telling another shot this week with Megan, the next-most important woman in his life. Unfortunately, however, he doesn’t seem to realize that Megan is much too close to his lies – and that he’s lied to her for much too long – for the truth about his status at SC&P to go as smoothly with her as it did with Sally.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mad Men Season 7, Episode 2, “A Day’s Work”

This week’s excellent episode takes place on Valentine’s Day, 1969, and the episode title, “A Day’s Work” is a rather ironic one when taken to refer to Don, Peggy, Pete, or Joan, all of whom have odd or frustrating work days: Don performs some much needed work on his personal life, namely his relationship with his daughter; Peggy is so distracted by her love life (or lack thereof) that she can’t concentrate on anything productive; Pete has a major accomplishment taken away from him by the other partners, and Joan spends the day thanklessly mopping up the messes created by the petty and selfish decisions of the creative personnel, particularly Peggy and Lou.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mad Men Season 7, Episode 1, “Time Zones”

Season 6 ended with Don and Megan’s marriage seemingly on the rocks: Don had completely lost interest in her, and his indifference had driven Megan to the point where she appeared ready to give up as well, especially once he reneged on his promise to move to Los Angeles with her. Thus it is somewhat surprising that Don and Megan begin season 7 in the midst of a seemingly happy routine: Megan lives in Los Angeles, pursuing her acting career, while Don makes time to visit from New York. Had Don and Megan somehow healed the distance between them and recommitted to each other in the time between seasons? Are they really in a happier and healthier place?